Grameen Jameel

Yemen Women’s Union – Abyan Governorate Self Help Group Programme (Abyan)

Grameen-Jameel in YemenAbyan began its lending operations in October 2003 under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, to “Improve the income of the poor families in Abyan governorate specially women through introducing financial services for the clients.” Abyan works in five districts in the Abyan governorate of Yemen, which is located in the south near Aden, largely inhabited by the Bedouin and then expanded its operations into Hadramout Governorate.
As of March 2011, Abyan reached 6,170 clients and maintained a gross loan portfolio of USD 0.9 million.

Abyan became a Grameen-Jameel partner in February 2007. Grameen-Jameel has provided a direct loan and various technical assistance, including training and peer exposure visits.