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Interested in volunteering your expertise? Create a Bankers without Borders profile and submit your resume on the Bankers without Borders website. The more information we have from you, the easier it is to match you to a project that matches your skill set. Once your profile is complete, you become part of BwB’s global reserve corps of volunteers and gain access to:

– Updates on exciting and challenging global volunteer assignments;
– Online courses, webinars, and a reference library focused on issues in the development sector;
– A community of people who share your passion for innovative solutions to global poverty.

Once you have completed your profile, you can apply for specific Bankers without Borders projects that match your skill set. Bankers without Borders will also notify you about new projects that require your expertise. The best qualified volunteers are interviewed and selected by the project managers — either Grameen-Jameel staff or employees of the organization requesting pro bono support. All volunteers will be notified of their application status and remain in the Bankers without Borders database.