Grameen Jameel

Here’s How it Works

Grameen-Jameel and Bankers Without Borders partner with social enterprises in the MENA region to:

• Identify your organization’s priority technical assistance needs and develop scopes of work/technical requirements for related volunteer consulting projects;
• Manage recruitment and selection of qualified volunteer consultants;
• Ensure volunteer consultants are familiar with basic microfinance concepts and operations;
• Provide orientation and logistics support to volunteer consultants;
• Support your organization’s management and supervision of the project; and
• Measure the results and value of the volunteer project.
The Role of the Social Enterprise

As a Grameen-Jameel/Bankers without Borders partner, your organization is responsible for the following when enlisting pro bono services:

• Appointing a project manager within your organization;
• Input and sign-off on project requirements and scope of work;
• Final selection of volunteer(s) from a shortlist of qualified candidates;
• Providing project related material and support to the volunteer(s);
• Covering project related travel expenses (airfare, local accommodations, meals and transportation) if not covered by the volunteer(s);
• Assistance in identifying local accommodations; and
• Assistance in evaluating project success and overall impact.
Corporate Partners

Grameen-Jameel’s Bankers without Borders® program partners with companies interested in:

• Developing skills-based volunteering programs for their employees interested in fighting global poverty;
• Aligning their strategic business objectives with their corporate philanthropy practices; and
• Measuring the social and financial impact of their volunteer efforts.

Grameen-Jameel Bankers without Borders encourages individual volunteers interested in helping reduce poverty in MENA and enhancing their professional skills and network to join the BwB reserve corps.

Volunteers can help MFIs through on-site technical assistance, training and mentoring or through remote consulting projects. Bankers without Borders’ pro bono consultants provide support in the following areas and beyond: financial research and analysis, risk management and internal controls, treasury management, marketing, new product development, business and strategic planning, technology investments, and implementation. Volunteers can be assigned to projects as individuals or in teams.

Every assignment is structured differently. Assignments may range from two weeks to a multi-month commitment. Projects may require volunteers to be available for a few hours or days per week, or the required project time may be spread out throughout the year. As most of our volunteers are working professionals we try to design projects that meet our partners’ needs while also taking into account our volunteers’ time availability.